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MilletsMore is a Multi Millets Mart that offers wide range of millets malts through its strategic network of branded retail outlets. All our millet malts are specially certified by prominent dieticians based on the nutrition intake requirements of people. All our millet ingredients are sourced by reliable farmers from villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana who follow natural farming methodologies to grow millet crops. At MilletsMore, we prepare different varieties of malts that supplement the food intake needs of health conscious individuals. Through a strategic network of MilletsMore retail outlets across India, we offer the most hygienic millet consuming experience for health-mindful individuals.

All our MilletsMore retail outlets follow the uniform flavors, malt mixes, outlet branding, etc. Our special team of internal branding and promotion experts ensure effective integrated marketing communication experience in terms of on-premise arrangements, offerings of malts, hygienic benchmarks, branding standards, usage of branded glasses, spoons, packaging, and so on.
With MilletsMore, Individual Millet Malt buyers expect “Health More” and the partners of franchisee make “Money More”.
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milletsmore, vision
milletsmore, vision

MilletsMore aims to spread the MULTI MILLETS MALTS vending outlets across PAN India, extend wide variety of Malts for all including Diabetic, Thyroid, Kids & Pregnant women. We would like to offer first-of-its-kind nutritiously rich millet malts as patient friendly food supplements with customized alternative diet plans that are authenticated by prominent dieticians. At the same time, we would like to adhere to all the benchmarks and food hygienic standards.

milletsmore, mission
milletsmore, mission

At MilletsMore, we are determined to follow the blended service framework with the utmost emerging technology orientation, research to formulate more tasty and nutritious flavors and provide branding support. In order to achieve our vision, we adopt the following mission objectives:

  • To offer our distributors and franchisee with an easy-to-operate start Millets Malt vending plans
  • To provide wide range of Millet flavors to address different tastes of consumers
  • To enable our value chain with quality-oriented approach to establish unique processes across all franchisees
  • To provide advanced technical and maintenance support
  • To design all our equipment and branded kiosks in the unique manner
  • To provide only tested and permitted flavors
  • To develop workforce to serve in the most professional manner
  • To ensure each franchisee get instant business through continuous promotion, branding and campaigns
milletsmore, quality

We strongly believe that Quality is the lifeline for any of organization. At MilletsMore, we give utmost importance to Quality.


We adhere to food and beverage industry’s quality standards and benchmarks while operating at all franchisees. It is indeed the proof of our focus on quality.

Quality Ingredients

We use quality ingredients that are specially sourced from strategic network of farmers and approved preservatives in millet malts.

Environmental Friendly

We use cups and glasses which are:

  • Made up of special biodegradable paper
  • Totally environmental friendly

Quality Inspection

We have a special team of Quality Experts who tour to all our franchisees to inspect the quality, hygienic conditions, taste and other factors from time to time. In case, they find any unauthorized use of material, glasses, cup or any other things that are not prescribed by MilletsMore, will attract cancellation of franchisee out rightly without any negotiation.

Millets Benefits


milletsmore, benefits

Our Products

MilletsMore Products

Our franchise

milletsmore, excellent opportunity

If anybody is planning to set up their own business, then MilletsMore is the perfect solution for them. Today, the rapid growth of shopping centers, business places, cinema halls, multiplexes, super and hyper markets, hospitals, colleges, and dense traffic locations have resulted in the growth of food / beverage business. In such areas, MilletsMore is the most ideal business to sell multi protein millet malts and millets made cookies with wide range of flavors and get high returns on investment.

It is indeed a unique Millets Malt brand across India. One of the unique features with us at MilletsMore is, we have an exclusive team of experts who do the market study and suggests you the best location to start your MilletsMore business. Within a short period, MilletsMore has become popular brand. We thank the cooperation and coordination of our most valued customers, distributors, franchisees who wholeheartedly giving their support, valuable suggestions, we achieved this magnanimity.

If you are looking for a solid business opportunity and desired for business growth, then join hands with MilletsMore that serve uniquely mix hot and cool hygienic millet malts at affordable prices at corners near to you. We use all eco-friendly glasses, spoons and other material at all our registered outlets.

milletsmore, outlets

  • Place: minimum _______ sft
  • Location: preferably near to shopping malls, bus stands, crowd floating areas, etc.
  • Interiors: as prescribed by MilletsMore franchisee/branding standards
  • Manpower: 1 or 2
milletsmore, millets advantages

At MilletsMore, we have conceptualized easy to start millet malts vending franchisee business emphasizing the adage

“Millets More… Health More… Money More”
  • Total training for the team
  • Branded interiors
  • Certified material delivery as per requirement. (Note: Transportation charges are as applicable)
  • Branded uniform for the workforce
  • Minimum investment and maximum returns
  • Quicker ROIs as compared to other food and beverages business
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Total branding and promotion support from MilletsMore
  • New flavors and varieties are added based on location from time-to-time
  • Branded kiosk, equipment, WiFi enabled screen and other systems
  • Support to get statutory permissions for franchisees

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